December 2023

12/12/2023 Someday Is Today - Book Review And Summary.

September 2023

18/09/2023 A Scattered And Layered Approach To Learning.

May 2023

30/05/2023 The Science Of Mindset While Learning Something New.

January 2023

27/01/2023 How Learning Touch Typing Can Help You Learn New Skills.

November 2022

04/11/2022 Problems Needing Binary Tree Searches Are All Around Us.
03/11/2022 The Art Of Knowing That You Don’t Know.

October 2022

28/10/2022 Digital Minimalism: You Decide What’s On Your Phone.
21/10/2022 The Fallacy Of Being Independent.
19/10/2022 The Art Of Working With Constraints.

August 2022

04/08/2022 Making Neovim Work Like Visual Studio Code On Windows

June 2021

13/06/2021 An Open Source Vaccine Tracker For CoWin In India.

May 2021

24/05/2021 Simple Experiments With Learning New Skills - Part 1

February 2021

10/02/2021 Processes Over Written Goals And Plans.

May 2020

25/05/2020 Remote Misses, Corona And Why You Should Take Extra Precautions.
21/05/2020 Boxing Your Help Time.
19/05/2020 How To Automate Tasks And Other Mundane Stuff - Part 3.
15/05/2020 Automating Buy And Sell Alerts for Shares Using Python.
13/05/2020 How To Automate Tasks And Other Mundane Stuff - Part 2.
11/05/2020 Automated Testing Of Microservices Without Test Cases.
07/05/2020 How To Automate Tasks And Other Mundane Stuff - Part 1.
05/05/2020 Debugging Mysterious 500 Internal Server Errors.
04/05/2020 Customizing Prompts With A Customized Terminal.

April 2020

29/04/2020 The Difference Between A Nice Person and A Doormat.

March 2020

31/03/2020 Facing And Embracing Your Incompetence.

December 2019

16/12/2019 Back To Basics - Bubble Sort.
05/12/2019 Management Rules For Dummies - Part 1.

November 2019

28/11/2019 Blazor And The Idea Of Dotnet In The Browser.
25/11/2019 Automating And Being Mindful Of Stuff That Matters - Part 1.
18/11/2019 Making Your Terminal Look Gorgeous.
14/11/2019 Why Talking To Strangers Is A Genuinely Nice Book.
11/11/2019 Why Developers Should Care about GRPC

August 2019

21/08/2019 Fixing Gripes And Electric Shocks from Your New Television.
15/08/2019 The Honest Truth About Independence.
03/08/2019 Writing, Social Media, Openness and Forgiveness

April 2019

29/04/2019 Moving Forward With Keystone Habits.

February 2019

04/02/2019 When It Comes To Wellness, You Are Your Scientific Laboratory.

January 2019

07/01/2019 Embracing Controlled Confusion And Flexibility Of Thought.

July 2018

30/07/2018 Mindful Mondays - A Daily Scrum Of Active Questions.

May 2018

20/05/2018 Not Just A Better Programmer - A Better You.

December 2017

31/12/2017 Here Is Wishing You A Drama Free 2018.

February 2017

18/02/2017 Automatically Placing Semicolons in Visual Studio Code.

January 2017

24/01/2017 A .NET Programmer Tries Out GNU / Linux As The Primary OS.
10/01/2017 ASP.NET Core - Part 1: Debugging ASP.NET Core Applications On Visual Studio Code
07/01/2017 Are We Really Overworked? Or Just Not Enjoying What We Do?

December 2016

27/12/2016 Managers And Their Self-Fulfilling Prophecies.

November 2016

22/11/2016 Book 22 of 52 - The Productivity Project.
01/11/2016 Getting Started With Aurelia And Type-Script on Visual Studio 2015

October 2016

23/10/2016 52 Book Challenge (Books 8 to 21)
08/10/2016 Practical IoT Projects for Regular Nerds - Part 1.

July 2016

17/07/2016 Contagious (Book 7 of 52).
09/07/2016 Born to Run (Book 6 of 52).

June 2016

06/06/2016 Productivity Challenge Timer – How Focus Can Become A Game.

April 2016

24/04/2016 Switch (Book 5 of 52).

March 2016

24/03/2016 How We Decide (Book 4 of 52).
22/03/2016 Knowing Yourself With Data - Part 1
08/03/2016 Games People Play (Book 2 of 52).

January 2016

18/01/2016 I'm OK. You're OK. (Book 1 Of 52).
09/01/2016 Brain Challenge: 52 New Books For 2016

August 2015

14/08/2015 The Fallacy Of Copying Successful People And The Outcome Bias.

July 2015

16/07/2015 Output Vs. Input
04/07/2015 The Power Of Pattern Recognition In Health And Wellness

June 2015

18/06/2015 Systems Vs. Goals.
12/06/2015 Busting Self Help Cliches with Data And Science.
10/06/2015 Fake It Till You Become It.
08/06/2015 Cookie Cutter Vs. Improvised Support
05/06/2015 The Real Story Of Passionate Success.
03/06/2015 Feeling Like A Phony Is Fine. Not Showing Up Isn't.
01/06/2015 You Are Your User.

May 2015

29/05/2015 From Suck To Non Suck.
27/05/2015 Trusting Your Best To Give Their Best.
25/05/2015 Are You Listening To The Stories Your Failures Tell?
22/05/2015 Geeks and Introverts - The World Needs You.
20/05/2015 The Perils Of The Passion Hypothesis
18/05/2015 Hackers - Movies Vs. The Reality - Part 1
11/05/2015 Why No One Cares About You And Why You Shouldn't Either.
08/05/2015 The Line Of Best Fit And The Stories Outliers Tell.

April 2015

04/04/2015 Easier Than Fizz Buzz - Why Can't Programmers Print 100 to 1?

March 2015

28/03/2015 That's Not How Much They Pay. That's How Much They Pay You.

October 2014

19/10/2014 Safely Disastrous.

March 2014

15/03/2014 Time To Overcome The Always Mindset.

February 2014

17/02/2014 Minimalistic Artists - Part 1.

January 2014

31/01/2014 Remapping The Windows Key On Your Keyboard.
25/01/2014 Your Relationship With Your Ideas - Part 1.

October 2013

06/10/2013 The Fun Begins at Eighty Percent.

September 2013

27/09/2013 Befriending "If Only" Scenarios

August 2013

15/08/2013 Making People Do Things You Want Them To Do.
10/08/2013 The Paradox of Rest.

September 2012

10/09/2012 Geek Awesomeness: Constraints.
04/09/2012 Hard Times And Teams.

May 2012

27/05/2012 Geek Awesomeness: The Power Of Progress.

March 2012

01/03/2012 Success Vs. Television (Part 1)

February 2012

27/02/2012 Deals Vs. Dreams.

January 2012

26/01/2012 Geek Awesomeness: Deep Intellectual Conversations.

November 2011

15/11/2011 Leadership Tip: Let Go Of Your Pettiness.

October 2011

24/10/2011 A Humble Attempt At Helping New Programmers Or Non-Programmers With Programming.
21/10/2011 The Game Of Impulsive Publishing.
20/10/2011 Understanding How Cloud Based Virtualization Can Hurt You.
19/10/2011 The Fair Side Of Things.
12/10/2011 You Begin By Appreciating Mastery.
09/10/2011 Must Haves.

September 2011

30/09/2011 Social Acceptance
21/09/2011 Dissatisfied.
18/09/2011 Incompetent Individuals Or Folks Having A Hard Time.
11/09/2011 Including The Best Of You In Stuff You Publish Or Ship
04/09/2011 Even The Fortune Five Hundreds Need Small Solutions.

August 2011

28/08/2011 Working With Honest Wonderment.
21/08/2011 An Itch Of Shipping Happiness.
14/08/2011 Everything Television Is About.
07/08/2011 Surviving As A Guerilla Entrepreneur - Part 2.

July 2011

31/07/2011 Encouraging Your Engineers To Drive Innovation
24/07/2011 This Team Almost Failed Me But That Is Okay.
17/07/2011 Be Honest About Your Reasons For Interviewing.
10/07/2011 Friendly Discussions Or Drunk Messages.
03/07/2011 Management With Aggressive Grins.

June 2011

26/06/2011 Your Detail Orientated Mode.
19/06/2011 Installing Good Habits Into Your Brain.
12/06/2011 Intriguing Research On Learned Helplessness.
05/06/2011 Lessons To Learn From Gates And Jobs Sharing A Stage.

May 2011

21/05/2011 An Incredible Game With Many Incredible Lessons
15/05/2011 Internals Of Text Justification.
08/05/2011 Thoughts On Tweaking Your Blogging Routine.
05/05/2011 A Flaw In The Premise Of Never-ending Arguments.
01/05/2011 Answer On Stack Exchange Project Management: Attracting And Motivating Talent That Kicks Ass.

April 2011

30/04/2011 Airlines As An Example Of Boring Mediocrity.
28/04/2011 Don't Be An Arrogant Language Purist.
24/04/2011 Shredding The Weight Of Random Initiatives.
23/04/2011 A Game Of Inches - Part 1
22/04/2011 Masters Of The Enterprise Business And The Delusional
17/04/2011 Showing Up On Tough Days - Part 5.
16/04/2011 Stop Drooling Over Software Success Stories.
13/04/2011 Windows Live Writer And Bad Management
10/04/2011 The Stuff You Don't Do.
09/04/2011 Playing Hard - Part 1.
08/04/2011 The Skill Of Managing Without Managing Stuff.
03/04/2011 Showing Up On Tough Days - Part 4.
02/04/2011 Showing Up On Tough Days - Part3.
01/04/2011 Kickass Team - Part 1

March 2011

27/03/2011 Building An Awesome Organization - Part 2.
26/03/2011 Readers Hideout - Part 2.
25/03/2011 Building An Awesome Organization - Part 1.
20/03/2011 Passing Comments Vs. Getting On Field.
19/03/2011 Showing Up On Tough Days - Part2
18/03/2011 Issues With Working To Please Your Managers.
13/03/2011 Social Media And Problems With High Noise Memes.
12/03/2011 That Serious Face Your Organization Usually Puts On.
11/03/2011 Readers Hideout - Part 1.
04/03/2011 Most Creative Endeavors Tend To Be Lonely Ones.
03/03/2011 Showing Up On Tough Days - Part 1
01/03/2011 Juggling Eight Managers And Their Egos - Part 1.

February 2011

25/02/2011 Your Culture And Art - Part 1.
24/02/2011 Getting Comfortable With Silence.
23/02/2011 Pretending To Be Different.
20/02/2011 What Will Others Think About You And Your Organization.
19/02/2011 Risky - Part 1.
18/02/2011 Being Different Or Fitting In - Part 2.
13/02/2011 Fixing Genuinely Kickass Software Development Teams.
11/02/2011 Being Different Or Fitting In - Part 1.
09/02/2011 Writing - Part 1.
06/02/2011 Unreasonable - Part 1.
05/02/2011 Getting Started And Getting Over The First Hump - Part 1.
04/02/2011 Surviving As A Guerilla Entrepreneur - Part 1.

January 2011

30/01/2011 The Sex And Cash Theory For Anyone In A Creative Field.
29/01/2011 Avoiding The Addiction Of Endless Moping.
28/01/2011 Naming Our Very First Free Product - Part 1.
23/01/2011 Lessons From A Side Project - Part 2.
22/01/2011 Books And Why You Should Be Reading Them.
21/01/2011 Your Sources Of Motivation After Your Warm Up Period
16/01/2011 A Life Long Mountain Of Challenges With Milestones.
15/01/2011 Practice Continuous Learning With Deliberate Practice.
14/01/2011 Keeping The Crowds Out For The First Couple Of Sprints.
09/01/2011 Stop Whining About Power And Start Contributing.
08/01/2011 If You Want Our Business Or Attention Don't Make Us Wait.
07/01/2011 Things To Do When You Have Nothing To Do - Part 1.
02/01/2011 Letting Your Products Turn Into Remarkable Stories - Part 1.
01/01/2011 Asking The Right Questions For Remarkable Work Cultures.

December 2010

31/12/2010 Software Development And Hope Drive White Lies.
26/12/2010 Engaging In Creative Endeavors And The Gift Of Acceptance.
25/12/2010 The Creative Dilemma And Shielding Yourself From Normality.
24/12/2010 Lessons From A Side Project - Part 1.
19/12/2010 Understanding Software Development Disasters - Part3
18/12/2010 Understanding Software Development Disasters - Part2
17/12/2010 Understanding Software Development Disasters - Part1
12/12/2010 Leadership Tip: Hiring People With Similar Basic Beliefs And Values.
11/12/2010 Minor Changes To The Design Of This Blog - Part 1.
10/12/2010 Leadership Tip: Avoiding The Perils Of The Classical Slap And Push.
05/12/2010 Leadership Tip: Not Worrying About The Fact That Your Idea Has Been Already Built.
04/12/2010 Programmer Tip: Get Used To Taking Up Challenges Not Tasks.
03/12/2010 Before You Think About Your Product Name Build Something Worth Naming.

November 2010

28/11/2010 The Perils Of Hiring High Maintenance Pay Check Programmers - Part 1.
27/11/2010 Leadership Tip: The Art Of Not Making Your Decisions Over Meetings.
26/11/2010 Understanding The Mindset Of Typical Meeting Lovers Within Your Organization - Part 1
21/11/2010 A Rulebook For Your Organization - Part 2.
20/11/2010 Programmer Tip: If You Are Going To Get Fired, Get Fired For The Right Reasons.
19/11/2010 Venting Your Frustrations On Your Work Is The Stupidest Thing You Can Do.
14/11/2010 A Rulebook For Your Organization - Part 1.
13/11/2010 Stop Giving Lousy Excuses And Start Working On A Small But Genuine Story.
12/11/2010 Leadership Tip: Learning The Art Of Trusting Their Judgments.
07/11/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Part 4.
06/11/2010 Stop Acting Like A Lousy Moron And Using Stupid Numbers To Evaluate Success.
05/11/2010 Leadership Tip: Every Time You Use The Word "We" Mean It Through Your Actions.

October 2010

31/10/2010 Meet The Movers: A Different Breed Which Is Just As Critical As Builders Or Story Tellers.
30/10/2010 Leadership Tip: Get The Whiners To Work And Watch The Bitching Stop.
29/10/2010 Work Life Tip: The Decision Of Being Honest In Your Communication.
24/10/2010 Productivity Tip: Developing The Courage To Stop And Throw Stuff Away.
23/10/2010 Leadership Tip: Stopping Those Status Meetings And Leaving Your Team Alone.
22/10/2010 Office Design Tip: Letting Your Workplace Live Up To Your Mindset And Philosophy.
17/10/2010 Leadership Tip: Hiring Good People Not Just Good Resumes Or Good Skillsets.
16/10/2010 Leadership Tip: Picking Between Toys and Empowerment.
15/10/2010 Understanding Genuine Geeks And Nerds - Part 3.
10/10/2010 Programmer Tip: When In Doubt About A Company Take A Tour Of Their Office.
09/10/2010 Feature Tip: When You Are Skipping Features Choose Wisely.
08/10/2010 Understanding Genuine Geeks And Nerds - Part 2.
04/10/2010 Straight From The Forefronts Of A Standard Consulting And Outsourcing Body Shop.
02/10/2010 You Do Not Need Sexy Voices And People With Weird Smiles On Your Website.
01/10/2010 Product Tip: Avoiding The "Call Us For Pricing Details" Model On Your Corporate Website.

September 2010

26/09/2010 Understanding Genuine Geeks And Nerds - Part 1.
25/09/2010 Marketing Tip: Always Be Helping And Stop Trying Too Hard.
24/09/2010 Leadership Tip: Doing More Than Ticking Items Off Your Professional Check List.
19/09/2010 Thousandtyone Online Videos - Part 1
18/09/2010 Leadership Tip: The Problem With Non Technical Leadership In Software Development.
17/09/2010 Leadership Tip: Stop Whining About Your Employees Not Working Sixteen Hours A Day.
12/09/2010 Discussions On Software Development Are Good And So Is Programming.
11/09/2010 Leadership Tip: Staying Away From Random Stupid Unpredictably.
10/09/2010 Advice For Managers: Even If You Don't Have Work To Keep Yourself Occupied, Get A Life.
05/09/2010 Leadership Tip: Too Many Drivers Will Not Take Your Car Anywhere.
04/09/2010 Working On Enterprise Software Is Not An Excuse For Building Software That Sucks.
03/09/2010 Advice For Lurkers: Adding Genuine Value By Being Raw And Completely Real.

August 2010

29/08/2010 Programmer Tip: Find The Momentum That Keeps You Moving And Learning.
28/08/2010 Leadership Tip: Avoiding Blind Spots For Stupidity Within Your Organization.
27/08/2010 Programmer Tip: The Meaning Of Mentorship And How You Grow As A Person
22/08/2010 Geek Tip: The Speed Of Time And Keeping A Track Of The Days That Have Gone Behind.
21/08/2010 Geek Tip: Learn How To Move to The Logged Out State Of Mind.
20/08/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Part 3 (Revised).
14/08/2010 Picking A Company Is Not As Simple As Picking Your Clothes.
13/08/2010 Genuine Mavens Can See Through Your Product And Your Organization.
08/08/2010 Getting Those Paycheck Programmers to Quit Your Organization - Part 1.
07/08/2010 Trying To Be "Practical" All The Time Equals A Mediocre Professional Life.
06/08/2010 Learning The Art Of Genuinely Reading And Enjoying Books You Like.
01/08/2010 When Trying To Make A Point With Your Emails Or Blog Post Short Is Better Than Long.

July 2010

31/07/2010 The Noise And The Turmoil That Clutters Your Brain - Part 1.
30/07/2010 A Simple Question To Ask Before You Publish Something Live.
25/07/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Links To All The Chapters.
24/07/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Part 3.
23/07/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Part 2.
18/07/2010 Work In Progress Version Of The Book On Builder At Work - Part 1.
17/07/2010 Leadership Tip: Not Getting Scared When Your Team Stops Asking For Direction.
16/07/2010 Staying Away From The Sadistic Pleasure Of Criticizing Your Team And Their Failures.
11/07/2010 Programmer Tip: Exercising Your Brain By Learning Something New - Part 1.
10/07/2010 The Perils Of Blatant Mediocrity When It Comes To Your Product - Part 1.
09/07/2010 Productivity Tip: Using Your Keystrokes Where They Add Value.
04/07/2010 Differentiating Between A Good Teacher And A Mediocre Or A Lousy One - Part 1.
03/07/2010 Programmer Tip: Don't Be The Ego Centric Veteran Who Knows It All.
02/07/2010 Productivity Tip: Getting Done And Celebrating Your 'Doneness'.

June 2010

27/06/2010 Using Twitter To Build On An Abnormal Way Of Looking At Perfectly Normal Things.
26/06/2010 Leadership Tip: The Art Of Easing Out And Building Self Sustaining Teams.
25/06/2010 Programmer Tip: Reducing Your Parallel Threads And Prioritizing Your Free Time.
20/06/2010 Programmer Tip: The Virtues Of A Little Bit Of 'Boredom Time' In Your Life.
19/06/2010 Programmer Tip: The Perils Of Having A Truck Load Of Negative Drama Around You.
18/06/2010 Leadership Tip: Understanding Human Polymorphism In Teams And Organizations.
13/06/2010 Leadership Tip: Avoiding The Perils Of Organizational Procrastination.
12/06/2010 Design Tip: If Your Product Is Great, It Does Not Need To Be Good.
11/06/2010 Leadership Tip: When In Doubt Rely On Basic Goodness Rather Than Market Norms.
06/06/2010 Presenting Code-Persona - Having Some Serious Fun With Code And Technology.
05/06/2010 Leadership Tip: Hiring And Working With People Who Can Drive Themselves.
04/06/2010 Leadership Tip: Hiring A Few Converted Jerks In Your Organization.

May 2010

30/05/2010 The Concept Of Working From Anywhere And The Freedom Of Mobility - Part 1.
29/05/2010 Newsflash: Your Product Or Business Idea Just Doesn’t Have A Unique Selling Point.
28/05/2010 Leadership Tip: Don't Accept Random Silent Disagreement As An Option.
23/05/2010 Programmer Tip: Thinking About What Matters The Most And Then Doing It - Part 1.
22/05/2010 Programmer Tip: Give Your Level Best And Then Don't Give A Rat's Ass.
21/05/2010 Programmer Tip: True Alpha Geeks Breed Alpha Geeks.
16/05/2010 Programmer Tip: Measuring Your Organization's Ability To Get Things Done
15/05/2010 Leadership Tip: Don't Waste Your Time On Random Discontent - Part 1
14/05/2010 Support Is Serious Business Deserving Your Time, Money And Attention
09/05/2010 Entrepreneurship Tip: Trying Not To Play Safe Even When It Comes To Pricing.
08/05/2010 TEDxCalcutta 2010 - Announcement 3.
07/05/2010 Programmer Tip: Work Less, Stay Focused And Say No To Random Meaningless Slogging.
02/05/2010 Blogging Tip: The Stories That Surround You And Adding Them To Your Blog.

April 2010

30/04/2010 Leadership Tip: When Your Alpha Geek Quits Wait It Out And Observe What Happens.
24/04/2010 Getting The Nerd Within You To Care About Fitness For A Healthier Mind - Part 1.
23/04/2010 Leadership Tip: Avoiding Constant Cross Examinations Within Your Organization.
18/04/2010 The Least You Can Do Is Give No Excuses For Your Laziness And Boring Dreams.
17/04/2010 Entrepreneurship Tip: Working With Programmers Who Are Straightforward - Part 1.
16/04/2010 Starting Conversations Or A Movement By Finding A Few Remarkable Nuts.
11/04/2010 Productivity Tip: Reducing Your Talk-Time And Getting Some Real Work Done.
10/04/2010 TEDxCalcutta 2010 - Announcement 2.
09/04/2010 The Perils Of Finding Harry Potters Of The Software Development World.
04/04/2010 Utilizing Your Intellectual Surplus On Something That Is Useful And Fun.
03/04/2010 Programmer Tip: Becoming Cover-Fire Worthy Matters Quite A Bit.
02/04/2010 Programmer Tip: Trying To Be There When The Sky Is Falling Or You Are Needed.

March 2010

28/03/2010 TEDxCalcutta - We Want To Listen To Your Ideas And Learn From Them.
27/03/2010 Programmer Tip: Wearing What Makes You Comfortable And Happy.
26/03/2010 Programmer Tip: Being The Best Purple Cow You Can Become.
21/03/2010 TEDxCalcutta 2010 - Announcement 1.
20/03/2010 Stop Playing The Twitter Game And Publish Something Meaningful.
19/03/2010 The Meaning And Significance Of Eleventh Hour In Your Work Life - Part 1.
14/03/2010 Be Honest And Committed To Shipping - Whether It Is In Or Outside Your Organization.
13/03/2010 Use Your Spine And Commitment To Avoid Or Stop Haggling Over Timelines.
12/03/2010 Leadership Tip - Letting The Critic Speak Up Whenever Needed.
07/03/2010 Leadership Tip: Stop Cloning Teams. Encourage Diversity In The Approaches Taken.
06/03/2010 Tip For Triggering Genuine Conversations: Letting The Lurkers Hang Around.
05/03/2010 Productivity Tip: Being Effective Involves Utilizing The Magic Minutes.

February 2010

28/02/2010 Leadership Tip: Stepping Out Of The Frame And Being The Guy That Takes The Picture.
27/02/2010 Productivity Tip: Avoiding The Zone Of Nothingness In Your Work Life.
26/02/2010 Learning From Austin Powers: Your Product Does Not Need More Features.
21/02/2010 Avoiding The Typical Software Development World Stereotypes - Part 3.
20/02/2010 Soul Searching Question For Managers: Why Do You Want Manage Your Team?
19/02/2010 Leadership Tip: Avoiding Generic Whining Within Your Organization.
14/02/2010 Entrepreneurship Tip: You Do Not Find A Genuine Idea. It Finds You.
13/02/2010 Leadership Tip: Encouraging Your Teams To Raise Red Flags.
12/02/2010 Programmer Tip: Thinking About What Works For 'You' Or 'Your' Team.
07/02/2010 Understanding The Significance Of Weak Ties In Your Professional Life.
06/02/2010 Leadership Tip: Your Ideas Do Not Need Your Protection - They Need Your Commitment.
05/02/2010 Programmer Tip: Consider Looking For Your Own Sources Of Motivation.

January 2010

31/01/2010 Programmer Tip: Consider Taking A Couple Of Happy Hours Each Day Of Your Life.
30/01/2010 Programmer Tip: No One Really Cares About Your Failures.
29/01/2010 Programmer Tip: Consider Coding In Silence Or Switching To Pair Of Head Phones.
24/01/2010 Understanding A Simple Fact Of Life - Basic Traits Of People Usually Do Not Change Easily.
23/01/2010 Understanding And Avoiding The Serious Perils Of F-You-Code.
22/01/2010 Management By Intimidation Is Downright Stupid And Risky.
17/01/2010 Avoiding The Typical Software Development World Stereotypes - Part 2.
16/01/2010 Programmer Tip: Have The Spine To Question Authority (And Your Manager).
15/01/2010 Programmer Tip: Start Re-Investing In Yourself Consistently.
10/01/2010 Innovation Tip: Keep Fooling Around Like A Child And Keep Looking For Bird Poop.
09/01/2010 Leadership Tip: Stick To Your Core Values And Pass Them On Across Teams.
08/01/2010 Avoiding The Typical Software Development World Stereotypes - Part 1.
03/01/2010 Programmer Tip: Do Not Waste Your Professional Trump Card On Funny Things.
02/01/2010 Entrepreneurship Tip: Do Not Start 'Good News Wildfires' Using Your Wishful Thinking.
01/01/2010 Entrepreneurship Tip: Shipping Mediocre Products Is Not An Option.

December 2009

27/12/2009 Programmer Tip: The Best Of The Projects In Your Life Never End.
27/12/2009 Programmer Tip: Growing Your Comfort Zone A Little More Each Day.
26/12/2009 Programmer Tip: Slow Down And Give Your Sprints Some Time To Stabilize.
20/12/2009 Career Tip: Focus On Being A Happy Hedgehog Over The Long Term.
19/12/2009 Leadership Tip: The Best Management Is Management You Cannot See.
17/12/2009 Leadership Tip: Leaders Who Are Always Busy Often Make Really Bad Leaders.
13/12/2009 Programmer Tip: Look Out For The Best Alpha Geeks And Learn From Them.
12/12/2009 Entrepreneurship Tip: Happy Teams Build Productive And Profitable Organizations.
11/12/2009 Picking Between Your Official Designation And Your Secret Titles.
06/12/2009 Leadership Tip: Start Noticing And Appreciating Your Silent Heroes.
05/12/2009 Hiring Kick-Ass Programmers Who Interview Your Organization.
04/12/2009 Entrepreneurship Tip: Every Client Is Not Meant To Be Your Client.

November 2009

29/11/2009 Programmer Tip: Get Rid Of Those Systems First.
27/11/2009 SQLDBAdmin - Open Source Web Based Administrator For SQL Server.
26/11/2009 Programmer Tip: A Passionate Contributor Is Better Than A Self Proclaimed Alpha Geek.
22/11/2009 Leadership Tip: Every Time They Are Lost And Confused It Probably Is Your Fault.
21/11/2009 User Interface Design Is Not About Lorem Ipsum And Pretty Boxes.
19/11/2009 Programmer Tip: A 'Large' Project Means Nothing.
15/11/2009 A Gentle Nudge: Too Much Inspiration Is Highly Overrated.
14/11/2009 Surviving Without Random Lies In The World Software Development.
12/11/2009 Programmer Tip: Stop Those CYA Emails And Engage In Meaningful Discussions.
08/11/2009 Programmer Tip: Strive To Connect With Human Beings Whenever You Can.
07/11/2009 TED India 2009: Experiences And Observations Of A Rogue Thinker - Part 2
05/11/2009 TED India 2009: Experiences And Observations Of A Rogue Thinker - Part 1
01/11/2009 Random Thoughts On Truly Remarkable Story Telling - Part 1.

October 2009

31/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 19.
28/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 18.
25/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 17.
23/10/2009 Programmer Tip: Learn Like A Teacher. Teach Like A Learner.
20/10/2009 Building Better Software By Learning From Accidents.
18/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 16.
16/10/2009 Dissecting Remarkable Code And Design - Part 2.
14/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 15.
11/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 14.
10/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 13.
08/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 12.
03/10/2009 Dissecting Remarkable Code And Design - Part 1.
02/10/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 11.

September 2009

30/09/2009 Google SideWiki - Amazing Story Telling. Interesting Product.
25/09/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 17.
24/09/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 18.
22/09/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 17.
18/09/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 10.
17/09/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 9.
15/09/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 8.
12/09/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 7.
11/09/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 16.
08/09/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 16.
05/09/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 15.
04/09/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 15.
01/09/2009 Building Remarkable Work and Play Environments - Part 14.

August 2009

28/08/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part14.
27/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work and Play Environments - Part 13.
25/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 12.
21/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 11.
21/08/2009 Avoiding The Perils Of Demo Driven Development.
18/08/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 6.
14/08/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 5.
13/08/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 4.
11/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 10.
07/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 9.
06/08/2009 Crux - Announcement 1.
04/08/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 8.

July 2009

31/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 7.
30/07/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 3.
28/07/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 2.
24/07/2009 Stitch And Use Approach To Developing Intellectual Property Is Highly Overrated.
23/07/2009 Random Thoughts On Builders At Work - Part 1.
21/07/2009 Measuring Your Twitter Power Using Number-Of-Followers Is Highly Overrated.
17/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 6.
16/07/2009 Trying To Publish Posts With No Typing Errors Can Make Your Blog Safe-And-Boring.
14/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 5.
10/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 4.
09/07/2009 Behind Every Failed Project Are Reasons That Are Simple And Straight Forward.
07/07/2009 Avoiding Never Ending Arguments And Flame-Wars By Using (Twitter) Hash-Tags.
03/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 3.
02/07/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 2.

June 2009

30/06/2009 Building Remarkable Work And Play Environments - Part 1.
26/06/2009 SQLDBCrypt - Open Source Database Encryption For SQL Server.
25/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 13
23/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 12
19/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 11
17/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 10
16/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 9
12/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 8
10/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 7
05/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 6
03/06/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 5

May 2009

29/05/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 4
27/05/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 3
22/05/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 2
20/05/2009 Observing And Understanding Genuine Builders - Part 1
15/05/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 7
13/05/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 6
08/05/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 5
06/05/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 4
01/05/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 3

April 2009

29/04/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 2
24/04/2009 Builders, Story Tellers And Whiners - Part 1
22/04/2009 Builders At Work - Gripping Stories Of Remarkable Builders In Action.
17/04/2009 My First E-Book And Your Chance To Boo At A Bathroom Singer In A Live Concert.
15/04/2009 Reasons For Writing Your Own E-Books.
10/04/2009 The Art Of Selling Software - It's About Remarkable Story Telling With Honest Intents.
08/04/2009 Picking Up Fights With Your Arch Enemy.
03/04/2009 Confront Issues And Never Ending Arguments - Don't Avoid Them.
01/04/2009 Striving For Transparent Work Cultures With 'No Secrets'.

March 2009

27/03/2009 Public Websites And Product Descriptions - Avoiding Content That Is Impotent.
25/03/2009 Don't Worry. Be Crappy.
20/03/2009 When It Comes To Your Professional Life - Everything Is Personal.
18/03/2009 Strong Ideas Worth Spending Time And Effort On Vs. Random Distractions.
13/03/2009 Business Analysts And The Million Dollar Question - What Would You Say You Do Here?
11/03/2009 Knowing And Avoiding Random Distractions In World Of Software Development.
02/03/2009 Crux - Open Source Workflow Engine And Web Application Framework Built On .NET.

February 2009

27/02/2009 Committee Driven Development Is Not Just Lame - It's Dangerous.
25/02/2009 When It Comes To Working On Something Innovative - Weird And Ugly Is Often Beautiful.
20/02/2009 Safe Is Risky. 'Remarkable' Is Fun.
18/02/2009 No-One Cares About You, Your Blog Or Your Product.
11/02/2009 Building A Better 'Transactive Memory' - Relying On Mavens Vs. Going By Expert Opinions.
06/02/2009 Insecurity - Use It Till You Lose It. The Art Of Staying Dangerously Close To Getting Fired.
03/02/2009 You're Not A 'Detail Oriented' Manager. You're Just A Prick.

January 2009

30/01/2009 Reducing The Number Of Clicks Is Highly Overrated.
27/01/2009 You Could Be A Micro-Manager Or A Prick - And You May Not Even Know It.
23/01/2009 Optimum Utilization Of Product Teams, Bullshit Busters And Sleeping Pills For Monkeys.
20/01/2009 Why Kick-Ass Developers Should Become Managers - If You Don't Run Your Projects 'They' Will.
16/01/2009 The Art Of Building Polite Applications And Avoiding Errors In Your Errors.
13/01/2009 If They Are Genuinely Defining Your Work Culture, You Probably Don't Even Know It.
09/01/2009 Contributing Through Your Blog - What Goes Around Comes Around.
06/01/2009 Software Development And Learning The Art Of Giving Up. Shamelessly.
02/01/2009 Avoiding Accidents And Fetal Crashes In Software Development By Letting Your Team Drive.

December 2008

31/12/2008 The Perils Of Mitigated Speech In Software Development.
26/12/2008 Stop Whining About Scalability, Best Practices And Enterprise Application Development.
23/12/2008 Conviction And A Strong Spine - Two Qualities To Look For In People You Work With Or Hire.
19/12/2008 Why People Who Lead Teams Should Have Short Memories.
16/12/2008 Leadership, Constructive Criticism And Not Playing The Blame Game.
11/12/2008 Birds, Flocking Together And Why Constraints Are The Building Blocks Of Successful Teams.
09/12/2008 Tracking Your Project Using Agile - Are You Looking At Those Burn Down Charts?
05/12/2008 Selecting Candidates Based On IQ And Educational Background Is Highly Overrated.
01/12/2008 Detailed Planning And Comprehensive Project Plans Are Highly Overrated.

November 2008

28/11/2008 Have You Thrown Away Your Gantt Charts Out Of Window Yet?
25/11/2008 That's Not An Office. Software Shops Around The World Just Want You To Think It Is.
20/11/2008 The Secret Sauce Of Successful Software Development Teams - Do You Really Like Them? Or Are They Just Colleagues?
17/11/2008 Resume Driven Development, The Hammer And The Nail.
13/11/2008 Two Golden Rules For Software Development - Don't Police, Don't Panic.
10/11/2008 Deadlines Driven Development Is For Dummies.
07/11/2008 Meet The Personas. Let The Story Telling Begin.
03/11/2008 The Perils Of Multitasking In Software Development And Life.

October 2008

30/10/2008 Martial Arts And Computers - Are You One With Your Computer?
27/10/2008 Catalysts In The Software Development World - Are You Giving Them The Credit They Deserve?
23/10/2008 Optimism And Wishful Thinking. Two Biggest Curses In Software Development.
20/10/2008 Project Managers Not-To-Do List And Most it's Most Important Not-To-Do Item
13/10/2008 Meetings - The Heroin Of Software Development World.

September 2008

22/09/2008 Complexity Happens - That Complex Project Or Product You Might Be Working On.
16/09/2008 Throwing The (In)Frequently Asked Questions Out Of The Window.

August 2008

18/08/2008 You Don't Ask Why, You Don't Get Innovation (Comment Reply).

July 2008

07/07/2008 That Cool Feature You Probably Aren't Going To Need.

June 2008

03/06/2008 Hey Mr. Jargon, You're Just Full Of Crap!

May 2008

27/05/2008 It's Not About Google. It's About You.

April 2008

14/04/2008 Write Some Code, Mr. Manager!
07/04/2008 Stop Being A Leecher. Participate. Contribute.

March 2008

31/03/2008 CMM, RUP and Gantt Charts Don't Build Successful Software. Kick Ass Programmers do.
24/03/2008 The War, The Angel, The Devil And The Programmer
17/03/2008 Opinionated Programmers Are Better Than A Flock Of Sheep
10/03/2008 The 15 Percent Rule Manifesto Is Just A Glamorized CYA Document!
03/03/2008 Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Routes For Dummies

February 2008

27/02/2008 Your User Interface is Beautiful, But That's Not The Point!
23/02/2008 Accouchement New Features - Announcement 4

January 2008

30/01/2008 Are You Successful Because of Your Processes Or In Spite of Your Processes?
15/01/2008 How Big Are Your Teams?
02/01/2008 Breaking The Infinite Loop Of Failure

December 2007

28/12/2007 Is Your Task Done? Or Just Ninety Percent Done?
20/12/2007 Broken Windows - If Broken They Are, Fix Them You Must.

November 2007

29/11/2007 Is Your Client Your Ally?
25/11/2007 TacticSheet New Features - Announcement 3
05/11/2007 TacticSheet New Features - Announcement 2

October 2007

31/10/2007 TacticSheet New Features - Announcement 1
25/10/2007 TacticSheet - Open Source TimeSheet and ExpenseSheet System Built On .NET 3.5

September 2007

18/09/2007 Did You Loose Your Visual Studio Intellisense?
10/09/2007 Setting Up Intellisense With Ruby on Rails.

August 2007

30/08/2007 When in Doubt, Don't Think.

June 2007

25/06/2007 Are Eight Hours a Day Enough For Software Programmers?
20/06/2007 Download Multiple Files In One Shot With FlashGot.
10/06/2007 Meet - Me 0.3.0.

May 2007

11/05/2007 Are You a One Man Army?
07/05/2007 Programmer Tip - Support What You Write!
02/05/2007 Do you Respect the Iron Triangle?

April 2007

29/04/2007 Do You Want to Manage Your Team?
13/04/2007 The Thick-Skinned Developer

March 2007

29/03/2007 Some Gangi Talk from the Past
03/03/2007 Are You Stuck With a Problem? Divide and Conquer!

February 2007

13/02/2007 Reading XML Files with PowerShell (Monad)
11/02/2007 The Art of Throwing Away Code
06/02/2007 Fixing Package Load Failure Error with Windows Workflow Foundation and Visual Studio
05/02/2007 Why Does Fred Program By Coincidence

January 2007

26/01/2007 The When and Why of SVN Branches, Tags and Trunk
20/01/2007 Protecting Intellectual Property Vs. Trusting Employees

December 2006

25/12/2006 Have You Made Your New Year's Resolutions for 2007 Yet?
15/12/2006 Are you 'On the Bench'?
02/12/2006 Hello Atlas Article at Code Project

November 2006

29/11/2006 Enabling ASP.NET 2.0 Debugging on Visual Studio 2005, IIS 7.0 and Vista
21/11/2006 Skin PowerShell (Monad) to Customize it's Look and Feel
12/11/2006 A Different Perspective to Programmer-Poetry
04/11/2006 It's a Mac Mac World!

October 2006

31/10/2006 Analyze This!
20/10/2006 A huge Trace.Log file deleted and a couple of Gigs reclaimed!
19/10/2006 DeskTask - It's all about the "Feel Good Factor"! (Freeware)
12/10/2006 The Train-Person... and a Train Trip that Rocked!

September 2006

16/09/2006 About this Blog
16/09/2006 About Me