Posted On: Saturday, 19 March 2011 by Rajiv Popat

Agility In Your Tools.

Your tools are a reflection of your passion for your art. The world conspires against you when you sit down to write a book.

The universe morphs into a perfect tool of distraction when you sit down to write code for your next side project.

You get a thousand random thoughts when you sit down to focus on one and write a blog post.

Or... You are just having one bad day after another.

Agility in your tools will keep you moving.

Cartoonist Hugh MacLeod draws behind business cards. The medium sets him free to practice his art anywhere. Everywhere. Scott Hanselman talks about the power of the Netbooks. Something I talked about as well. It is all about picking the right weapons and then becoming one with your weapons.

This post was written on my blackberry on a bad depressing day with a wet running nose, a dehydrated body and a tired mind. Some others are written on my phone when I am moving and feel inspired.

The point is that the world will not exactly mould itself to give you the best  possible environment to practice your art. Introduce agility in your tools so that you can continue jabbing and utilizing small windows of time to practice your art.

When you are in a guerilla warfare tanks and fighter planes are not effective.

Pick tools that let you practice your art, anywhere. Everywhere. And then use these tools, ruthlessly, to fight your own lizard brain.

I wish you good luck.

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