Posted On: Sunday, 06 June 2010 by Rajiv Popat

I love writing on this blog. For me this blog is more of an opportunity to stand back, evaluate the experiences of my life and write about these, by adding a little bit of myself to this blog. The very fact that I post multiple times a week, turns this blog into something which allows me to exercise my writing skills and develop my writing mussels.

Having said that, this post has developed a very different audience than what I initially expected. Besides programmers, this blog is read by managers, business folks and even my mom. One of the thing that I try to pay special attention to, while writing, is the timelessness of each post.

I try to add content here which usually does not tend to become obsolete when the next version of visual studio comes out. Of course, there are one or two  exceptions, but then, most of it happens to be timeless. At-least I try to make it timeless to the best of my ability, even though when I read my older posts, I do realize how much I sucked.

Because this blog is read my more than one reader, it often means that I end up spending a lot of time adding graphics, hyper linking, formatting and proof reading all content that goes out here.

To be honest, I love doing all of that.

A huge part of my life includes working with other human beings and that is what this blog is all about.

But then, there is another part of my life. A different persona, so to say. One that deals with bytes. One that likes to fiddle with technology, explain design patterns using wild examples and whacky home made philosophies and the one that likes to tinker with the code-base of crux in my free time.

Unlike most software developers, I have been fairly open about my experiences with other developers or what I learn from these experiences but then unlike most developers who write blogs, my close encounters with code and technology often remain undocumented.

The idea is not new however. I have been thinking about this for a long time. The whole concept of learning like a teacher and teaching like a student is something that I have talked about before on this blog.

I think it is time when I can introduce a different part of my personality on a different blog all-together.

People, here is presenting, my code-persona.

Think of code persona as my personal little wall to scribble things on as I work. Just bought a new cam-coder, you might read a review that I slapped together rather quickly there. If I just learnt a neat way to solve a programming problem, you might read it on code persona. The posts on code persona might not be as well formatted or as minutely proof read as this blog, but that's the whole point. Like I said, its my personal little wall.

So What Happens To This Blog?

Nothing. It continues. Just as before.

I am not stopping to write on this blog.

This blog will continue to have posts added to it, just like before.

So if you like the kind of content that you read here, you will continue to find more of it. But if you are a hardcore programmer and you are more interested in curly brackets and semi-colons, code-persona is the blog you also want to subscribe to.

It's been quite some time since I did some serious hardcore technical blogging.

I feel like a little child again and that, I believe is a really good thing.

Feel free to hang out with us on code-persona.

More content will start getting added there soon.

Wish me good luck.

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