Posted On: Sunday, 10 June 2007 by Rajiv Popat

There were a couple of folks who asked me what happened after the one-man-army post? Why did I stop writing? I didn’t. In fact, I’m back! And I feel light and awesome!

The Past couple of weeks were exciting, depressing, motivating and sofa king (to be read loud and very fast, repeatedly) educational that I felt like a baby who was taking his first baby-steps at learning how to walk.

Past couple of weeks was my first time at a lot of different things or for that matter, the first time where I did a lot of things, “differently” (depending on how I see it). A lot of things happened and that changed both my personal and professional life – faster than I could cope up.

So what were these few weeks all about?

  1. These weeks have been about watching near and dear ones sort out their problems and knowing completely, that there is nothing I can say or do to help them other than praying for them and standing by them - “if” they need me. 
  2. These weeks has been about realizing that at times I can do a people much more help by moving away rather than by being there during the most vulnerable and embarrassing moments of their life.
  3. These weeks have been about getting to know a few new people and a lot of people I already knew, newly.
  4. These weeks included having a long conversation which lasted for hours in the middle of a busy road and making a promise to myself that I would try to change parts of myself completely, after that conversation. 
  5. These weeks have been about seeking help from family and friends by waking them up in the middle on the night, night after night, and then keeping them awake all night in discussions. 
  6. These weeks have been about having my friends and family stand by me in all decisions and letting me know that what mattered most to them was my happiness. Everything else was secondary.
  7. These weeks have been about getting some very sound, timely and spontaneous advice, which came straight from the heart of friends and family. Advice that has always given me the hope and courage to make the crazy decisions I often make in life.
  8. On professional side, these weeks have been about having discussions with mentors and realizing that I can completely trust them to represent me, exactly as I would represent myself, without having any fear of being misquoted, misinterpreted or misunderstood.
  9. These weeks have been about dumping the excess baggage and developing stronger roots! These weeks have been about making difficult decisions about what is important to me and what is not and then letting the things that don’t mean much to me, go. It has then been about watching those things come back, all of a sudden. 
  10. These weeks have been about trying to become a better human-being on the professional side and trying to become a better person on the personal side.

I wish I could write more about the turn of events rather than just talk in riddles. But then, that would mean writing a very long post involving mundane details of my personal life. :) Rather than writing down and then remembering each and every incident, I would rather remember these few weeks by what they taught me and how they changed me.

I have a habit of versioning myself. After my last version (0.2.0) - this weekend has made me feel like a new me! I feel like the version 0.3.0 of myself was developed and taken to production in the past few  weeks. These past few weeks, as difficult as they were, will be very special to me because they taught me so much on both personal and professional sides that I feel like a baby again.

These past few weeks have been about realizing that no matter how much I grow, I would always find myself on the road of life long learning where there'll always be something fundamentally new to learn. I will cherish every single lesson learnt in these past few weeks for life. Dear Reader, meet - "Me 0.3.0"! Hopefully, many more versions to come in future as I walk down this road of life long learning. :)

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