Posted On: Friday, 03 April 2009 by Rajiv Popat

As a project manager, team lead or someone who works with a team what is your biggest nightmare?

When a couple of your smartest developers agree to disagree on something stupid and none of them is willing to give up or let go.

In the interest of keeping this post short, allow me to use my artistic skills to represent the scenario.

At my early days at Multiplitaxion Inc, I saw countless young and budding managers avoid these situations and issues like a plague.

Their excuse --- "I think I will let them sort this out mutually".

The reality --- "Are you mad? I am not sticking my neck into this mess; specially for the salary I get".

A major part of your job as a manager is to differentiate healthy arguments from never ending deadlocks.

You are supposed to spot deadlocks from a ten feet radius and make sure people do not stall and thrash their brains over never ending deadlocks.

You may not have the right answer. No one in your team might have the right answer; but anything close to the right answer is better than nothing.

Situations like these are precisely the kind that will require you to put your foot down and take a stand. This is exactly the kind of thing which requires your involvement, judgment, decision making capabilities, straight forward feedbacks, a strong spine and conviction.

Go ahead, make a call; take a stand. 

Then take responsibility for any failures if you encounter hiccups when your team moves forward based on your judgment.

Show us what you're made up of Mr. Manager.

I dare you.

On a side note, as far as that picture above is concerned -- we're just going to go with five for the time being.

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