Posted On: Saturday, 22 January 2011 by Rajiv Popat

Besides programming, writing and reading are my life long passions.

Are you having a baby?

I cant wait to plug this book to you.

Trying to become better at software development?

Try starting with this one.

Want to understand how your brain works?

Why not start with this one.

In a whole lot of conversation I have with my colleagues, acquaintances or even friends, I tend to quote from books. That is what book lovers do.

Books are a means to draw inspiration, ideas, fun and above all, they provide a means to glean into another book reader's mind and connect to a real person. I continue to be amused by just how many conversations you can have with random strangers over a book at a local bookstore.

Most of those discussions are way deeper than using "Social Media" and "Web 3.0" to basically announce that you are now going to go to the bathroom.

If you aren't reading books, you should.

If you find reading difficult you should consider listening to audio books.

Either ways, if you aren't reading or listening to a couple of books every months, you are doing yourself a disservice.

Go on.

Take a walk to a local book store or grab a copy of something you would like to read from Amazon or Audible and start reading. Its fun. Seriously.

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