Posted On: Monday, 24 October 2011 by Rajiv Popat

There are hundreds of comments on the "why can't programmers program" post by Jeff Atwood where he talks about the fizz buzz problem being the stairway to heaven of programming and how most programmers cannot code it.

While that's useful information, the real question is what are you doing to help train a better breed of programmers for tomorrow?

Jeff's attempt is stack overflow. A place where programmers can help other programmers get better at their craft.

Others are contributing their bit by answering questions there, but what are you, the person who has developed applications for ten years, doing for the non programmer who is passionate and wants to take up programming as a career or a hobby?

While I was working on my entity framework videos, I decided to take a stab at talking about the very basics of programming using C#.

Here are the videos.

It has already turned into a mini series on getting started with programming using C#; a couple have been uploaded and more videos will be added soon.

It is not the kind of video you might enjoy yourself if you code for a living, but the kind that you give to your uncle, your HR manager or that QA person in your office who always wanted to learn a little bit of programming and a little bit of C#.

Like I said, the important question here isn't why can't programmers program. The important question is: what are we doing to help folks who can't but really want to?

Consider this my humble attempt at answering that question.

Happy learning.

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