Posted On: Sunday, 20 March 2011 by Rajiv Popat

A fat obese middle aged American guy munching on his packet of potato chips and commenting on that pass in the soccer match.

A skinny under weight Indian munching on his packet of lays and describing how the batsman should have played the shot in the cricket match.

Both would probably collapse on field if asked to play just a single complete match of soccer with their kids.

Everyone loves sports. Everyone loves commenting on sports. Playing the sport, is a completely different ball game all together.

Talking like an expert is so much more easier than, "doing" something, even if the doing only involves just meeting the basic standards of a novice.

People love giving expert comments on everything that they see.

If you are a builder or a story teller, your job is to play the game, be a starter, learn the basics and then get better at it.

Can you do that? No? Then shut up and enjoy the game. And  stop giving us your expert opinions on everything.

Now, translate this analogy to managing teams, the advice you give them on how easy a task is, how much time something should take and the volume of code you yourself write. Get on the field. Hit a few shots. Score a few goals.

If not, stop scoring fouls and stop giving your expert opinions. Seriously.

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