Posted On: Friday, 04 June 2010 by Rajiv Popat

Most managers typically go through the periodic phase of being an asshole. Its the time when you play the blame game. Its typically the time when you forget that you are not getting paid to screw people left and right.

The difference between a-fun-to-work-with-person and a prick is that while the prick never snaps out of that adolescent stage of being an asshole, the fun to work with manager often gets sick of it, disconnects and learns from those times. He looks back at those times of his life as painful moments and treasures everything that he learnt during the conversion phase.

He probably has a Not-To-Do list for himself which is bigger than a to do list for his team.

He is serious about the idea of being nice at workplace.

I call these folks, converted assholes.

Now, a truckload of things might have caused the conversion to happen, starting from a tragedy to just finding a pet, but a guy who was once an asshole and is now raging a war against the idea of prickdom at workplaces, is invaluable for your organization.

This is the guy who understands how prickdom works inside out.

This is the guy who can smell prickdom from miles and can spot an asshole in an interview.

This is the guy who can identify assholes in your organization.

This is the guy who can give the assholes in your organization a hard time. Sedate the monkeys. Confuse the jargon idiots with more random jargons. Attend meetings and sit through them without dozing, guarding the ground from folks pooping on your organization or team through funny decisions that are usually taken in these meetings under the name of 'working for the best interest of the organization'.

Put simply, he knows how the game is played, he plays it well and can be a bigger prick when dealing with pricks in your organization.

If you are a young and budding entrepreneur looking to have a kick-ass environment at your workplace, go hire a few converted assholes and get them to rage a war against prickdom within your organization.

I wish you good luck.

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