Posted On: Friday, 28 January 2011 by Rajiv Popat

In one of my earlier posts I talked about not worrying about a name for your product till you ship the first sprint.

Last Saturday we shipped a fully functional private beta for a free online hobby project of ours.

One way to think about what the application does, is think of it as a third place for book lovers and book readers. It's designed to help you share what you are reading, bump into people who are reading similar stuff and then have meaningful conversations with them.

(We believe that discussions around books tend to be much more engaging than using "Social Media" and "Web 3.0" to tell the world when was the last time you used the bathroom).

With the first sprint under a private beta, we have about a month to name the website before it starts boarding more people.

If you are a book lover interested in beta testing the application we would love to hear from you on the email address rajiv AT but the primary place where we need your help right now is the naming.

Got any suggestions for an awesome name? Email me at rajiv AT or by clicking the Mail image link on the left of this blog post.

Got any links or pointers on naming products? How about an awesome book on naming products? You can use the comment field below.

Naming is a part of the celebration of shipping and I would love it if you can join in this little celebration of ours.

You have been officially invited. Seriously.

Start by helping us name the website.

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