Posted On: Sunday, 29 August 2010 by Rajiv Popat

I have blogged out the importance of consistency time and again.

Kickass builders and story tellers keep jabbing.

The metaphor is that of running or working out. If you are not consistently shipping, you are not in growing.

Having said that, every single one of us, go through bouts of nothingness and depressions where we are just not in the zone. Seth Godin describes the problem and the solution in a rather articulate and concise way in his post on the topic. He explains:

Some days, even the best dentist doesn't feel like being a dentist.

And a lifeguard might not feel like being a lifeguard.

Fortunately, they have appointments, commitments and jobs. They have to show up. They have to start doing the work. And most of the time, this jump start is sufficient to get them over the hump, and then they go back to being in the zone and doing their best work.

Momentum is incredibly useful to someone who has to overcome fear, dig in deep and ship.

Momentum gives you a reason to overcome your fear and do your art, because there are outside forces and obligations that keep you moving. Without them, you'd probably stumble and fall.

Slowly exercising your creative mussels and growing out of your comfort area is a simple way to get started. You can even use you insecurity to nudge you on the path. At times a counter which humiliates you in public might do the trick.  On other occasions a simple turn of switch in your brain or being shaken up by an idea might work too.

The tools are numerous. Pick a few that you are most comfortable with and use them. What ever it is that you do, always remember that nature designed us to become lion lunch the moment we became sedentary and that implementation hasn't been redesigned yet.

So keep the momentum going, even if it is just one step you are taking each day.

Oh and yes, a lot of talking is not a step forward. Do something real. Work on something concrete. Ship.


I wish you good luck.

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