Posted On: Saturday, 30 April 2011 by Rajiv Popat

Every airline is like the other. Same ticketing, same announcements, similar good looking cheesy air hostesses and stewards who are busy smiling and getting you stuff you ultimately end up paying for.

The aviation industry is also the only industry that has your complete attention when you are flying.

Why not make most of that attention?

Why not build systems that allow people in the same plane to connect to each other?

Why not allow them to play video games on a network? You know who you are playing with by their seat numbers.

Why not have a separate channel with a live stream of the cockpit with someone from the crew providing explanations on the basics of what the pilots are doing which you can listen to on your head phones?

Why not have an on plane chat room where you can connect to crew members and passengers?

Why not let your cabin crew engage with customers, talk to them and collect first hand feedback about what they liked and disliked?

They say that you meet some of the most interesting people when you fly. 

Most airlines go out of their way to avoid that.

Procedures? Security? Safety? Cost? None of the ideas I talked about are expensive. None of these pose any threats.

Except of course a threat to the convention of what airlines companies are supposed to do: which is to take you from one place to another and treat you like very expensive and fragile cargo.

And that is exactly why most flights are boring; even for someone like me who enjoys flying.

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