Posted On: Saturday, 04 December 2010 by Rajiv Popat

Building CRUD screens is a task.

Shaping a brand new idea into existence is a challenge.

Forwarding emails is a task. Mentoring a team that is capable of flocking and liking each other ... a challenge.

Checking the status of your project with your team is a task. Inspiring your team to move things and to avoid mitigated speech is a challenge.

Writing Module Specifications is a task. Making requirements interesting enough to get people to give a shit about them is a challenge.

Attending meetings is a task. Applying an innovative solution to fix the problem you were going to discuss in the meeting is a challenge.

Your organization, almost invariably, will give you tasks. That is what organizations do. Organizations do that because that is what they are really good at doing.

Your only (of course, I mean "only") hope for survival is taking on challenges not tasks.

If you are stuck with nothing bust tasks learning the art of morphing those tasks into challenges is a crucial ingredient for your survival.

The tasks you do will define your job role and your paycheck.

The challenges you undertake will define you.

How much of your day job is made up of tasks? How much of it is challenges? How much of it is tasks with hidden challenges vs. how much of it is tasks you can outsource to the cogs in the Indian body shops? There is a task on your task list right now. There is probably a hidden challenge in it right if you look under the hood.

The real question is, can you see it... are you man enough to pounce on it.... or are you just going to focus on getting the task completed so that you can move on the next task?

Just a little something to think about.

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