Posted On: Friday, 01 April 2011 by Rajiv Popat

What's Your Contingency Plan?

Just a little something to think about from the trenches on the Cricket World Cup 2011 that India Just won.

What's your plan for the day when your star performer is unable to perform (falls sick, is not in the form, if going through a bad time or for any other reason)?

Build contingency into your project plans? Include buffer time into your project plans? Consider everyone a resource and do generic planning? Start Feeling insecure of your own team? Look for another hero?

That's what most managers and captains do.

Genuine managers and captains know that none of this is not contingency planning.

Having a team where every individual in your team can and often does morph into a star performer is usually your only human contingency plan.

If you don't have that all the other contingency that you provide for is just random documentation and a truck load of bullshit.

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