Posted On: Wednesday, 21 September 2011 by Rajiv Popat

What are you dissatisfied with?

You can be dissatisfied with "things" you have:

  1. Your salary.
  2. The size of your present home.
  3. The brand of your clothes.
    (The other brand is so much more better!).
  4. The resolution of your television.
    (The one with full HD is so much better!).
  5. The configuration of your laptop.

Or you can be dissatisfied with "experiences" at large:

  1. The kind of movies that are being made now a days.
  2. The kind of books being written.
  3. The kind of customer service your cell phone company gives you when you call.
  4. The kind of management that is being done these days.
  5. The kind of products and the kind of user interfaces being launched these days.
  6. The kind of cultures companies promote.
  7. The kind of ways with which people make new friends online.
  8. The kind of video games being launched.
  9. The kind of fun people have.
  10. The kind of clothes being made now a days and the lack of innovation in clothing industry.

When you are dissatisfied with things you have your knee jerk reaction is to crave other things. Things which are a little better than the things you already have. Life is about more and better things.

When you are dissatisfied with experiences at large and are willing to match that with effort and competence of creating new experiences not just for yourself but for the rest of the world, life is about magical and rewarding moments where you put your best into transforming experiences you don't like into something reamarkable.

Of course neither is easy. Neither is bad or wrong. But the irony here is that people who are usually dissatisfied with experiences at large often bring the best of the experiences and even the best of the things to the rest of human race.

What are you dissatisfied with?

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