Posted On: Sunday, 26 December 2010 by Rajiv Popat

If creative endeavors involve so many unknowns and problems why doesn't everyone seek refuge in the known and the safe?

Why make your weekends miserable by working on a side project?

Why spend a huge part of your organization's revenue on research?

Why leave the comfort of a safe job and work for a startup?

Why contribute towards an open source project?

Why spend hours every weekend putting down your thoughts into concrete words and then publishing them out? 

The answer really boils down to two things. One is because of the way all creative brains are wired. You cannot help but get attached to these creative endeavors. If you are basically creative at heart, tasks seem boring and challenges are fun.

The other, which I believe is a bigger reason, is that creative people, are constantly looking to surprise you and then be, right!

You cannot write a book on how the brain works and make it interesting enough for masses to like it?

Economics cannot be interesting?

No one is going to pay fifty bucks a month for a project management tool which is nothing more than a simple task list or pay you for a system which lets them manage their contacts?

"Ok, now watch us!", The creative minds want to say.

If creative minds break rules it is because there is a naughty neuron in their brain which sees how lame the rules are. That neuron wants to bend the rules, twist them, break them, shatter them into pieces and then have you accept that it was right.

Acceptance is the gift you are giving the creative person when when you buy a book, when you pay fifty bucks for a darn good task list, when you tweet a URL to a blog post or a product on twitter, when you comment on a blog post, when you blog about a product or when you share the idea of a creative mind and help it spread.

This week, start by being an artist who gives the gift of his work to an audience and by being an audience who gives acceptance back to the artists it likes. And yes, I said an artist and an audience not an artist or an audience. Because you cannot be really good at one without being good at the other.

As always, I wish you good luck.

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