Posted On: Friday, 08 October 2010 by Rajiv Popat

Knowing The Geek Within And Learning How His (or Her) Mind Learns.

As a geek who has ADHD I am intrigued by the idea of observing the learning process rather closely and hacking the heck out of it.

As someone who had major trouble focusing on a book end to end I realized that my attention span shoots up when I am listening to audio books. This might seem like a tiny little realization to some of you guys out there but for the geek within me this was huge. It was a discovery of a hack that allowed me to break inherent limitations of my mind and push beyond them that intrigued me the most.

This meant that I could grab an audio book out there and be done with it in just a few days.

Heck! I could even turn a text document or a PDF into an audio book.

The same approach even made proof reading for this blog much more easier.

As someone who had strong feelings his entire school life, particularly classrooms or lousy teachers sounding like experts and as someone who recently quit his French classes half way through, classrooms are also one of those approaches to learning that often do not tend to work well for most geeks and yet they exist. A concept Khan Academy has managed to hack the heck out of.

Are you really learning when you attend a training session?

Are you really asking a question based out of genuine curiosity or are you just trying to impress the trainer or other participants?

Do endless arguments on Forums and Blog Post teach you something or are you just better off marking a thread #EOYBD and resisting the temptation to respond once it reaches a point where you realize you have not much to learn out of it?

Are you learning the most when you are talking or are you learning the most in your quite time when you are in a disconnected mode?

Are you learning better with the technical books out there or does more information and spice mixed with technical content helps you understand and recall information faster?

I don't have all the answers here.

What matters however is, are you giving enough time, attention and effort to learning how you learn best?

If not, why not start now?

Chances are that the geek within you that spends hours tuning that database might love tuning the heck out of your mind and figuring out new approaches to learning that might help you move beyond your inherent limitations.

Each mind is different and you will need to figure out what stimulates, excites, motivates, captivates and keeps your mind hooked. Start by understanding the basic rules, learning some basic hacks and then overtime figure out your own hacks, tweaks or workarounds to enhance your learning process and add fun to it.

I wish you good luck.

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