Posted On: Friday, 17 April 2009 by Rajiv Popat

In my earlier post, I talked about one reason why you should write an e-book. In the same post, I talked about how blogging is more like bathroom singing and writing a book is more like performing in a live concert.

For the past few days I've been stuck with this idea that will not let me rest in peace till I work my ass off on letting the it gain a form and an independent existence. I've written a couple of posts on the idea, but somehow like an ignored child, the idea seems to demand more of my attention; which I plan on giving it for the next couple of months; and I plan on doing this by writing a dedicated e-book based on the idea.

I love blogging.

I love everything about blogging; There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a meaningful idea that I really believe in, taking a shaping of its own and coming into existence. There is nothing more delightful than pushing the publish button on a post that is about something I genuinely believe in.

The only thing that tops that delight is your involvement, dear reader, through comments, when you go out and post some of these on other sites, when you blog about them, cite them or send emails to me about a post that was written with hours of thought and effort.

This blog, dear reader, is my third place and I am more 'me' here than I am myself in most places including places where I work.

Because the idea of undertaking the e-book has everything to do with fun; done in my free time; it therefore makes common sense to publish the e-book content out on my third place. The e-book therefore, dear reader, will be published out to you; as it takes shape and form.

Going forward I will be publishing posts that I write for the e-book under the category - My books. Because it is going to be mostly unorganized bathroom singing; the posts that will be published will be in no particular sequence. I am hoping that as we move forward the idea will come out in the open; make itself crystal clear and will resonate with you; dear reader.

As always, I would love feedback, criticism and participation from you dear reader. In the weeks to come I will publishing the book here, post by post as it starts taking shape. You reactions; I assume will be on the following lines:

  1. Hate the posts.
  2. Love the posts.
  3. Want to suggest something else I should be covering.
  4. Want to point out typos and stuff that should be edited out.
  5. Want to contribute and help the discussion grow.
  6. Have similar experiences.

The thing to do in all these cases is simple --- drop a comment; blog about it; drop me an email and express your opinions.

Remember, anything that is published here can still change in the book when it is finally published.

Put simply --- participate and contribute.

If blogging is like bathroom singing and writing an e-book is like singing in a live concert; I am going to get up on the stage of a live concert and do some bathroom singing.

This is your chance; dear reader; to boo a bathroom singer in a live concert.

You're not going to miss it; are you?

Looking forward to your participation and contributions.

Oh and before I forget --- wish me luck.

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