Posted On: Saturday, 02 October 2010 by Rajiv Popat

There is nothing that pisses your technically savvy and intelligent customers off more than pictures of random men and women in suits grinning away to glory on corporate websites of enterprises around the world.

Stock Photos by their very nature indicate that there is something seriously f@#kuped up within the corridors of your organization.

The sexiest of voices hired to do voice overlays on product videos tell your customers that either the product is built by a bunch of engineers who did not care enough to make a product video themselves or the product is so weak that it needs a sex appeal of a cute voice to cover up its flaws.

Are you hiring smart builders who are also doubling up as wordsmiths?

Are you hiring smart story tellers who can weave such a compelling story that people get gripped and watch the video even if the background does not contain a cute female voice?

Are you building a culture that is so strong that random photographs taken on any given day can be things you can put up on your website?

You do not need stock pictures, sexy voices, men in suits with cheesy smiles or even a corporate look on your corporate website.

Make a remarkable product.

Be Yourself.

Its a lesson all of us learn multiple times in multiple walks of life.

This time, remember it and start living it. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Now go rebrand your website to reflect your true personal or organizational character.

I dare you.

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