Posted On: Saturday, 15 March 2014 by Rajiv Popat

All Resistance often begins with an always mindset.

This is what we have always done.

What we have always said.

How we have always worked.

What we have always believed.

No doubt your organization isn't morphing like an living organism that adapts, learns, improvises and changes the way your business has always worked. Personal lives are no different:

This is what I have always worn.

What I have always eaten.

How I have always lived.

What I have always done.

The kind of people I have always been friends with.

No wonder your career and life isn't bringing you new and meaningful challenges.

No wonder each today of your life seems like yesterday.

The universe has peculiar way to doing what it has always done.

If you plan on changing the world, start with yourself.

Your team, your organization, your planet and your universe might follow; but only if you dare to move away from what you have always done and try out things that you have never done.

The question isn't can you; the question is will you?

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