Posted On: Saturday, 13 November 2010 by Rajiv Popat

Three guys building what they love and being profitable at it is a story; five thousand bodies building yet another enterprise software is a factory.

One guy selling a million copies of a one dollar iPhone application is a story; an enterprise bidding for yet another million dollar contract, is just a marketing gimmick.

One funny two minute video on YouTube is a hilarious story; one hour of regular television sitcom is grunt work in the life of a production house.

We don't want to hear about you rambling about yet another enterprise, yet another deal or yet another production house.

We don't want to hear about the big guys again. We know how BIG works.

Big is starting to get really boring.

A small blog post with a brand new thought, a tiny code snippet that makes you a better developer, a small open source utility that simplifies your life, a small you tube video inspires you, teaches you or makes you smile... these are all small stories you can weave.

I am too busy to work on it. I am not big enough to do it. I am not smart enough to do it.

BULLSHIT! Lame. Excuses.

None of these excuses work when it comes to these small stories.

They don't take a lot of effort. They don't take millions of dollars. They don't even demand that you quit your day job. Just a little bit of consistency.

We know you can weave them. Everyone can.

The only real question left for you to answer is, will you?

Go start something really small and celebrate your doneness.

I dare you.

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