Posted On: Sunday, 13 June 2010 by Rajiv Popat

Multiplitaxion Inc, was a technical training provider where I happened to work for a few months. Multiplitaxion Inc, as it turns out was very open to change and as far as getting approval for change was concerned, if you knew the right people to talk to, getting your ideas approved for implementation was easier than you could think. But then, getting your ideas approved was just a small part of the brining-about-change game.

If medical science ever discovers such a thing as organizational procrastination, let it be known to mankind today that you read about this condition here first. Multiplitaxion Inc, was a master at it.

This was, in more ways than one, very similar to silent disagreement. In fact, it was worse because it worked at an organizational level. Projects that had been approved took days to get started, policies took weeks to get applied, rules took months to actually get changed and even project parties for successful projects took countless number of days to get planned.

Approvals were quick.

Actual implementation however, took months, even for the smallest of decisions.

Amidst all this procrastination, one thing that we as young and budding engineers learnt was that procrastination at an organizational level often also leads to organizational amnesia. Before long, we realized that some of the best ideas that would have otherwise turned into innovative products, were not even seeing the light of the day, because people were approving them and then procrastinating over them till they dropped out of everyone's memory.

If you happen to run an organization or have the power to get things done within your organization my advice to you would be, don't create organizations or teams with procrastination and amnesia. Think hard over an idea till the time you back it and approve it. Once you know you need to get something done, stop your procrastinations and get things done as a fast moving team or organization.

I wish you good luck.

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