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Posted on: Thursday, January 26, 2012 by Rajiv Popat

Geek Awesomeness: Deep Intellectual Conversations.

Geeks aren’t wired like the rest of the race. Even their awesomeness is different from the rest of the race. While you might love to party, your geek craves a deep intellectual meaningful conversation with just a couple of friends around small table in an open air food joint serving wholesome food.

No loud music. No distractions. No Dance. No risk of bumping into that socially awkward moment. That and a topic that is deeply intellectual and very intimate. That or just a ruthless battle of wits.

If socializing is what makes your geek more human, deep intellectual conversations with near and dear ones, are what make him who he is. If you really want to connect to your inner geek, find a friendly open air food joint with no distractions, invite a couple of close friends and trigger a deep intellectual conversation.

Watching hours melt away as you munch on wholesome food, enjoy the fresh air and enter into an inspirational or a deeply intellectual conversation with friends; pure geek awesomeness.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012 3:08:08 AM UTC
To logan:You wrote: Not necessarily, I know a colpue of kids who liked to tease girls in primary schools, loved playing football (although they were not very good at it), but once they made it to secondary schools. stopped everything, and spend almost all their spare time in front of a computer. Being a geek (for me at least) does not mean not teasing girls or playing football.For me, geeks are people that find computers (and by extension programming) easy.As for the 5% of geeks in my class, this is in line with my definition of geekiness.To ames:You wrote: If ever you plan to one day host an open lecture at the University of Mauritius, I shall attend it. That's very nice In fact, I am seriously thinking of organising a one-day workshop on open source software. There will be presentations and open discussions.Who wants to help?To csyke:You don't code anymore?To Val:(1) Geek (2) Definitely geek (3) Geek as you came to my class. And, as far as I know, I am a geek Seriously, in a normal class, I would expect 5% of geeks. But in one of my electives (i.e. where students choose to come), the % of geeks will be much higher. So you may qualify
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