Posted On: Friday, 03 December 2010 by Rajiv Popat

The moment you have an idea for an application, if you're like most people, you get really excited about what the product will be called. As you fancy a world where the product exists and people love it, you tell yourself, "Hmm, I wonder what a good name for the product will be".

Now, for those of us who have tried to name anything, from a baby to a website, we know that naming is hard.

"I wonder if this one is taken", you think of a name and before you know it you are spending your mental cycles in thinking a happening name and giving in one futile attempt after another only to find that all those names that you can think of are taken.

Then you get lucky and get a domain name, but then the twitter account for that name is taken.

"Those pathetic twitter squatters! I mean he is not using this account. I wonder if I can email him and ask him if he would be willing to sell the account to me.", you tell yourself.

See where you are going with this? Again, if (and I am just saying if) you are like most people, you are going to run thought loops in your brain, think of dozens of hot happening name for your product and wear yourself out before you even write a single line of code.

Naming a product you do not have is just about one of the stupidest things you can do. Ok, wait, actually there is one thing even more stupider than that. You know what that is? Naming a company that you do not have.

No, Seriously. How difficult is it to stick a logo with a sexy name on your template file once your product is built? How difficult is it to register a company after you have your first customer willing to pay you for your work?

If you spend days thinking about the name of the product, before you even write a single line of code you are a dreamer.

Wake up kid.

Write the damn product first. The pleasure of naming a product is supposed to be a reward for nearing the shipping of your product and you, are nowhere close to shipping your product yet. So snap out of it, open that IDE and start working. Let's see if you can build something which is even worthy of being named.

Oh and by the way, now that you have the IDE open, I wish you good luck.

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