Posted On: Saturday, 29 January 2011 by Rajiv Popat

Talking is an art. A long candid talk can clear things up within a team.

Talking is also an addiction.

Like in every art, the trick with talking is knowing when to stop.

Are you talking because you are connecting to someone, clearing confusions, spreading your thoughts, sharing an idea or doing something productive?

Or are you rambling on and on because it feels good and it lets you get away without having to take up scary challenges or take up efforts where you might fail?

If your ideas are compelling they do not require very lengthy conversations. (One of the reasons why TED talks are really short).

If your ideas are not compelling all the talking in the world will not cause them to spread.

And the talking will keep you from working on them and actually making them strong enough.

Keep a casual eye on each conversation you have and when you feel you are dragging on and on merely because you are afraid of ending an conversation.

Every time you find yourself doing this, you are not talking, you are probably moping.

Stop it. Move to some real work and get productive.

You might actually feel better. Seriously.

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