Posted On: Saturday, 16 September 2006 by Rajiv Popat

My Passion for Programming and Fish-tanks started at the age of 10 when I wrote my first few Programs in GWBasic (my school teacher seemed particularly impressed) and got my first fish tank (with real fishes) as a B'day gift. By the time I was 14, Dad realized that I was getting obsessed with that fish tank and time was right to make me an offer (a VERY wise decision motivated by divine intervention, we believe).

He would buy us (me and my brother) a Desktop but I would have to get rid of my Fish tank and all the fishes. The deal was sealed instantly. Everyone was happy :) - The next day the fishes found a new home and A few days later a spanking new desktop with some 8 odd MB ram and 300 odd MB HDD arrived (those were the good old Ms-Dos days, and a 8 Meg PC-XT was a POWER HORSE back then)... and as they say, the rest, is history. :)

With my graduation honors in commerce and accounting, over 15 certifications (MCP VB6, MCSE, OCP, OCA and many others...) in anything that looked interesting to learn, and my heart (and years of coding) in .NET development, the fellows @ eFORCE (where I work) often refer to me as the "the guy who NEVER uses the mouse" or the "Night Time Coder and Watchman" :)

I am also the self proclaimed "Notepad Specialist" of eFORCE (whatever that means) and I often like saying "Interestingly enough, typing 'start / run / iexplore.exe' is MUCH faster that clicking the internet explorer icon on your desktop". Honestly. It is!

I've has been around in eFORCE (where I work as a "Principal Officer, Technology"), for about 10 years which have seen me doing some really interesting things like writing a software adaptor for MFD scanners using Microsoft Technologies, writing a software for a RFID reader using Microsoft Technologies, Formatting Ms-Word documents :), Writing a DAL that hooks up VC++ layers to .NET, writing a .NET Remoting Bridge that securely connects world wide oil rigs of a drilling company (the list goes on; more mumbo gumbo can be found on my resume) and passing strange comments on beautiful designs done by the highly capable graphic designers of eFORCE. It keeps my creative sprits alive and they don't seem to mind – in fact they’ve even taught me a few tricks at Photoshop. :)

I live and breath in the amazing world of .NET (which I have been working on since the beta bits 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0) - and I've been so involved with Code that my obsession for .NET comes pretty close to my obsession for my first fish tank. Apparently this time, Dad doesn't have a problem with it. :)

When I'm not working (or Traveling :)), I am is busy maintaining this site, blogging, writing (code, articles and thoughts), planting trees, reading or spending time with family and nephew who prefers to call me ‘Rajin’ and gets utterly annoyed when 'someone' (I?) deletes PPTs that he saves on My Hard disk. :)

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