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Posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2007 by Rajiv Popat

Some Gangi Talk from the Past

I think it’s been more than a year since this incident happened. Which is when I had  written this and shared it out with selected friends and acquaintances on a collective blog I shared with friends at that time. Recently I was reminded by someone that I should probably post this out on my blog :)

For all the readers who are not familiar with Indian languages here are some words used in the story and what they mean.

“Jadu” is a special kind of a broom usually kept at Indian house-holds. Besides sweeping the floor this thing is supposed to have multiple other uses, like…

Hitting cockroaches hard enough to leave them unconscious, without killing them! :)

“Gangi” is Hindi-Language-Equivalent for a vest. So here’s the post - back from the old-days. Read on!

Some More Gangi Talk from Yesterday…

Yesterday was “sofa king” (to be read very fast without stopping) long and interesting - thought I should share it out for the sake of some creative speculations that you guys might have.

A Little background: Tuesday evening I see a big fat cockroach crawling on the walls of the bathroom of my hotel suite. That is when I realized that hotels in Texas don’t give a jadu with rooms… I missed my jadu then.

Anyways, I decided to use a "gangi", climbed up the bathtub caught the bugger walking high on the wall and left him on the stairs of the hotel so that he could conveniently go into someone else’s suite and bother them. Thought that was the end of it… turns out, I was “sofa king” wrong!

Yesterday morning, just when I was about to leave for office, I see a cockroach (the same one? Milan, a friend back from school days, suspects that it was a relative of the one thrown out on Tuesday, but I have my doubts – I mean, personally, I am inclined to believe now that with the years of evolution behind them these guys can easily find their way back to the bathroom of the suite from which they were insulted and thrown out! Can’t they?)

So I see him walking on the same high spot on the same wall! (I think he was back for revenge of the insult he had been subjected to a couple of days ago) Anyways, now the turn of events begin…

The plan was laid out – the primary weapon of attack that was so successful last time (the same gangi) will be used again and the rascal will be thrown right on the streets of Houston! So, I take the gangi and climb the bathtub again! Just as I was about the attack, the rascal decides to fly right on my shirt!!! Well, I did what anyone who hasn’t participated in fear factor would do – decided to RUN! But… I slipped from the bathtub instead.

In a desperate attempt to hold my ground I tried to catch hold of the bathroom curtain rod – which I thought, being made of solid steel, would be able hold my weight! Again, I was “sofa king” wrong!

The rod just decides to break into two pieces (that was a steel rod! I am not kidding here – albeit, it was hollow but it was steel! Makes me wonder if I am putting on weight or as ifte (another friend from school days) says, becoming - 'muscular' – Well, it breaks into two pieces, comes completely off the wall, throwing the curtain on the ground. This time, the cockroach decides to hide in the kitchen area! Right under a cabin!

Now my mind is multitasking with the primary thread being – Who the phu##$% pays for this?? The secondary threads all occupied by the cockroach who was still sitting there in the kitchen!

So, I decided to go to the front desk and tell them about the cockroaches! I thought everything would be fine now. Well again, I need not say by now that I was so… wrong!

Basically, I go to the front desk with all the 3 key cards of my room safely locked in the room!

So I go and tell them – “Houston, there’s a problem” – and the lady out there starts filing a ticket for me assuring me that they will “look into it”. Then I broke the news that I have already wreaked their bathroom rod while I myself was trying to “look into it”.

Now I am taken a bit seriously. A guy is sent with me to the room. When I ask for an extra key I am told that I’ve already used up the keys the hotel had for my room – but the guy can open the door for me. Good! I think… once I get in I can get all my keys.

On the way up (we took the elevator to go to the second floor) I have a hard time describing to the guy what a cockroach is. Not sure why – but looks like the guy has never heard the word cockroach before (or maybe I am just not articulate enough). Interesting.

So he finally opens my door for me using his master key (or whatever). Luckily for me the bugger is still sitting in my kitchen! Jackpot! My point is proved! I point at the bugger and tell him – “these” (whatever you want to call them) have been coming to my room for the past 2 days!! Now he gets it or in his words – he sees what I mean. He bashes the bugger with his handkerchief and throws it out.

He tells me that there’s been some renovation going on and they’re spraying insecticides around the building so cockroaches are moving in. At the end of the day...?

I get all my three keys, I go to office… some really exciting work going on these days which makes professional life fun (but better to leave the technical mumbo jumbo out) … and when I am back I can see my room all cleaned up with the insecticide sprayed in the entire suite! And the broken rod with the curtain… it’s still lying under my sink.

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Posted on: Saturday, November 4, 2006 by Rajiv Popat

It's a Mac Mac World!

Since the rest of the Software, Hardware (and Nothing-To-Do-With-Both-Hardware-And-Software guys too), seem to be talking about this I thought I might as well chime in and put in my insignificant two cents. This is the picture of my desktop:

A couple of years ago I worked on a Mac for an hour or two. I liked a thing or two about the UI and went searching for utilities and tools that would let me tweak my windows and let me have the parts of the Mac's UI that I liked. I came pretty close to the Mac. Then In a few months I missed my start button. So I changed the skin, tweaked a couple of things, and a little bit of the Windows flavor started showing up again on my Windows desktop which was now looking pretty close to a Mac.

After about two years, the desktop of my work laptop is a perfect Hybrid that looks somewhat like Mac but is 100% PC (running on 100% Windows). For me that's going to stay like that (At-least till Microsoft throws a Vista Release at me. Not running Beta and RC Versions of an OS on my work machine. Just not that adventurous, anyways, I digress... so I'll come back to the point!).

There was a time when Mac Ads used to have a little bit of "something" in them. Remember the "Here's to the crazy ones" Ad? Ok, I'll admit, I never figured out what that Ad had to do with Apple but I kinda liked it. I was always into Microsoft Tools and Technologies so I wasn't going to spend cash on anything which doesn't run Visual Studio (or QuickBasic at that time)! But to an outsider like me, who has nothing to do with the Apple world, Apple looked like it was decent company making good products (that had nothing to do with my life) and good Ads.

Recently, Mac seems to have a sequence of Ads which the entire world seems to be talking about. Why? You have to see them to figure out why. Go ahead, click on that link! But if you just want a quick one line description of these Ads, the most accurate one I've found till now is Rory's comment on his own Blog:

"The ads aren't witty. They aren't clever. They aren't creative... with such a small market share, I suppose they have to be careful with their marketing budget, eh?"

Some of these Ads try to depict that a Mac never crashes. Honestly, I've never used one long enough to figure out the truth, but Greg Riaz shows a Screen shot of the Blue'ish Screen of Death on a Mac.

Rory explains his reactions to this Ads using his Artistic Skills. Hilarious! But Not as funny as some of the other Reactions out there. He says, he's trying to be the "Nice" Rory instead of the "Mean" Rory. He keeps his Artistic Skills objective and makes a perfectly valid point, quite elegantly and humorously. Well, others haven't been as Nice on Apple as Rory and Greg have managed to be.

Take a look at this spoof for instance. I was a little confused about this spoof though, It starts off with Mac being better at PodCasts and PC's being better at Pie-Charts and then turns into a confusing fight between... well, are Pie-Charts more important or Pod-Casts. None-the-less, it's two minutes of completely insane entertainment worth wasting your time and Bandwidth on. And if you have more than 2 minutes, go on, read the comments under the spoof. You might see a couple of Zealots - both from the Apple and the PC side (you'll be able to spot them easily).

Entertaining? Wait, there's more! There's a whole host of spoofs at YouTube. For Example, there's one on Gaming on PC Vs. Gaming on Mac. No Offence to the Linux guys (I was one, almost for a year) but the inclusion of Linux in this spoof is "Sofa King" (to be read very fast, three times over) Hilarious! If you've made it this far you just have to waste some more time and see it to understand what I mean.

So you thought that's the end of it? No way! Follow the links on the Connected Video or just search for 'Mac Ad Spoof' on YouTube and you'll find tons of them. Some of them seem to be as good as the Originals (only much more funnier). In fact, with Linux and BSD in there for the added humor (example: this one), some of them seem to have a bigger Marketing Budget than Apple's Advertisement which just have the Mac and PC. :)

And I'm sure by this time, if you're into humor that's completely void of sense but really funny you would have found some Spoofs like this one. Keep browsing on YouTube. There are more!

In one of his comments Rory remarks:

"They make me embarrassed to be a Mac owner... I've still spent about $10,000 on Macs over the past several years, and these ads have actually strongly negatively impacted my capitalist-driven consumer joy... It's just Apple throwing its own feces at the other side of the fence, and it's ridiculous."

But then, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. And if you want to get some kick out of some of this feces being thrown back into Apple's backyard go visit YouTube and see the spoofs! It's a Mad Mad Mac Mac World!!

And Btw, I'm keeping my slightly Mac'ish Desktop till I move to Vista. Why? Because I like mixing the best of all world when-ever I can. If there's a Mac Zealot somewhere who feels that Mac is better just because I used some UI tools and skins that look like Mac, go ahead, get happy! I won't make a spoof! Honest! :)

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