Posted On: Saturday, 09 July 2016 by Rajiv Popat

I’ve been running for sometime now. Last year I finally took the plunge and ran two half marathons back to back. But even today when it comes to running I’m a complete amateur who is lured by the pull of distance running.

The flow and the meditative aspect of long runs is something every person has to experience for themselves and if there is one book that can bring out the true sprit of distance running, it is Born to Run.

To be honest I came across the book (and the barefoot running movement) when I was searching for way to avoid minor shin splints that had been nagging more for a couple of days. I never expected a book on running to blow me away but born to run did more than just blow me away.

The story telling, the writing style and the research – it’s one of those books where it all comes together to create reality that is much more magical than fiction.

This was one of the few book that was just impossible to put down. From the Mexican Tarahumaras to the real world characters like Caballo Blanco, Scott Jurek and Jenn Shelton every character in the book touches you, teaches you and becomes a part of your life.

Chris Mcdougall is a true collector of fascinating characters, research and amazing real stories. All I can say is, if you haven’t read this book, you’ve seriously missed one of the best books you’re going to read - ever. And that’s true even if you have nothing to do with running. This book deserves a five star – and respect.

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