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Loud, Geeky, Opinionated And Fun Filled.

I started this blog in September of 2006. A lot has changed since then. What started as a simple fun attempt to store my ideas is has matured into something decently big and meaningfull. If you are looking for a "professional about me" text the below paragraphs should help.

About Rajiv.

If you must know, Rajiv Popat is a Sagittarius guy with the blood group of B+, a recent obsession for eating chickpeas, and an ardent drinker of soya milk.

When he is not freaking people out and driving them nuts with his ideas on living a happy guilt free lifestyle, he can be found writing code or writing about people who write code; some of which are things that he has been doing since he was too young to remember his exact age.

He has some (stopped counting after 18) certifications of which some end with the letter "P" (MCP, OCP....) and others which end with other random letters.

As a day job he leads the engineering wing of eFORCE, where hidden somewhere under piles of paper in his filing cabinet is a deck of business cards which read "Principal Officer, Technology".

Rajiv is also a frequent speaker at developer conferences like the local Microsoft community events and organizes events like TEDxCalcutta, which he believes are his way of bumping into more insane illogical opinonated day dreamers like himself.

He also does technical videos from time to time because that lets him indulge in the hilarious act of talking to himself on a microphone.

Rajiv is a frequent blogger and his blog features in sites like AllTop and DZone. When online Rajiv often goes by the handle thousandtyone. You can find more about Rajiv or his rather strange "logical" thoughts by Googling him by his full name or his handle.

Oh, and Rajiv also does a decently good job at writing really long first person introductions in third person. What you just read is an example of that.